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 Lets start it off

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Raz N-ina
Raz N-ina

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PostSubject: Lets start it off   Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:09 pm

So lets start with a General Topic so get things rollin how about u guys tell me about your Food, Games, Activitys,

So im a lover of Bacon and Hash Browns they r 2 things i love the most but i dont eat them regularly,

As for Games as u all know iv spent most of my childhood playin Runescape but thats not the only game i have played alot of Hour of back in the day iv also spent alot of my childhood playin a game called Shaiya which i kinda miss playin but the game has kinda died off now and there isnt as many players,

Activitys i dont really do but i love goin to Clubs with mates and wakein up with Hangovers (Minus the Hangover part) Very Happy
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Twisted Lies
Web Developer
Web Developer
Twisted Lies

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PostSubject: Re: Lets start it off   Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:01 pm

I'm glad we're all getting to know each other!
My favorite food is definitely hash browns or bacon too, I also looooove california rolls (sushi).
I've always played WoW and Runescape, also I've played a lot of Last Chaos also.
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HK Rei
HK Rei

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PostSubject: Re: Lets start it off   Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:57 am

I'll have a turn at sharing hope it's not too much Very Happy

The food I like most is probably anything with potato in it, but it's a lot of calories so I don't really get to eat too much of it.
Other than that I love chicken because it's got a lot of protein and it's very satiating.
Scrambled eggs are pretty high up there too, I love them a lot and they're easy to prepare.
Cottage cheese is kinda expensive but I enjoy eating from time to time on the side with my meals.

Bring on a pizza anytime! I love most kinds of pizza that doesn't include seafood Razz
I also really like chocolate and ice cream which is I think why I never have any because it's probably all eaten already
After a while of not eating toast I really just want that it smells good and tastes good and I enjoy it lol

Bit weird but I also just like eating peanut butter all on it's own sometimes.

I've played a lot of games on a lot of consoles and my favourites that stand out to me are the Halo series because I love couch
co-op or rather "hindering your teammates and not progressing the campaign at all" xD
In a similar vein I used to enjoy Mario Kart with my family in the same room it's just a lot of friendly fun pretty much everyone
has done it at one point, I think.

The Pokemon series were probably the first games I really got into on the old GBA. My first game was Pokemon Red because
that's my fave colour. I also really loved the Megaman series for the same device, I played it a lot and enjoyed it thoroughly.
It'd be a crime not to mention LoZ OoT and FF7, classics which if you haven't played you should definitely consider doing so.

An honourable mention would be the arcade game Smash TV it's just a lot of chaotic fun, and when you're a kid that hits exactly
all the right spots.

My favourite activity is spending time with my better half, she makes me really happy when we return each others feelingsĀ Embarassed
and it's always a great feeling when I can be honest with myself and to her about anything on my mind xD
Gaming, listening to music, working out, to a lesser extent cooking (mostly because it involves cleaning afterwards), and a
love-hate relationship with cleaning. It's very relaxing, but also if you're lazy and let it build up it takes forever to do it all lol

That's just a bit about me you probably could've guessed! Glad to share with you all nonetheless.
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A Meg
Super Moderator
Super Moderator
A Meg

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PostSubject: Re: Lets start it off   Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:15 pm

My turn!

So, my favorite food is anything that can be made in a microwave or toaster lololol Seriously, I pretty like everything lol My all time fav is mac-n-cheese. i can eat that shit all day! Very Happy My hobbies include reading, playing video games (and rs, of course Wink ), playing pool and swimming in them, and watching movies. So, if anyone wants to hang out, then we could have a good time Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Lets start it off   

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Lets start it off
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